Types of work visas available to work in Japan

I will explain the types of work visas that can work in Japan.

Visas for working mainly in Japan are as follows.

This is a status of residence for the purpose of working in Japan. The status of residence differs depending on the type of job. “Highly Skilled Professionals”, “Teaching”, “Religion”, “Journalism”, “Business and Management”, “Law and Accounting”, “Medical Care”, “Research”, “Education”, “Knowledge of Technology and Humanities/International Services”, “Intra-company Transferee”, “Entertainment”, “Skills”, “Technical Intern Training”, “Specified Skills”, “Nursing Care”, “Specific Activities (No.46)”

Among them, the most popular visa is

Technical, Humanities Knowledge, International Affairs

◎ Meets the educational background requirements of a university graduate.

◎Professional technicians in the natural sciences and humanities, or international work that makes use of the thinking and sensitivity of one’s home country

◎ There is no limit to the number of updates.

◎ You can continue to work in Japan as long as you have a place to work.

Humanities: Sales, Finance, Human Resources, General Affairs, Planning, Interpretation and Translation, Language Teachers, Designers

Science: System engineer, programmer, design, production technology

In technical and humanities knowledge international work, so-called unskilled labor jobs do not apply.

Specific skills

Japan is currently facing a labor shortage. Therefore, VISA created to let foreigners work in Japan is a specific skill.

“Job type”

●Nursing care ●Building cleaning●Tooling and tooling industry●Industrial machinery manufacturing industry●Electrical, electronic, and information-related industries●Construction industry●Shipbuilding and marine industry●Automobile maintenance industry●Aviation industry●Lodging industry●Agriculture●Fishery●Food and beverage manufacturing industry●Restaurant industry

◎ No. 1: Up to 5 years

◎ No. 2: No period limit

◎ Expenses borne by foreigners are small

Specific Activities (No.46)

“Specified Activities” is a status of residence that allows the Ministry of Justice to specially permit activities that are not permitted by other status of residence and to reside in Japan.

Acquisition Requirements

(1) Must be a full-time employee

Permanent employees, contract employees, etc. are eligible. Part-time, part-time or temporary employment is not permitted.

(2) Applicants must have graduated from a Japanese university or graduate school.

Applicants must have completed a Japanese university or graduate school and have a degree.

(3) The applicant must have a Japanese Language Proficiency Proficiency (JLPT) score of N1 or a Business Japanese Proficiency Test (BJT) score of 480 or higher.

(4) The amount of remuneration must be equal to or higher than that of Japanese nationals.

(5) The work requires smooth communication using Japanese

(6) It must be a job where you can make use of what you have learned at university

Business Administration

If a foreigner wants to act as a business manager or manager, a status of residence (visa) called “business management” is required.

As a requirement for obtaining this visa, a fund of 5 million yen or 2 full-time employees or more people will be required.

In addition to preparing 5 million yen, there are various practical variations, such as hiring two full-time employees (such as full-time employees) or hiring a full-time employee with a capital of 2.5 million yen.

Therefore, if it is difficult to prepare 5 million yen, we can satisfy the scale of the business by hiring full-time staff.

The above was a visa that allowed me to work in Japan. It would be good if you decided which visa to use after thinking about your educational background, funding, and what you want to do.”