International students at Japanese language schools in trouble

 Recently, with the spread of the Internet, it has become possible to collect most information on the Internet. However, when young people in countries such as Nepal and Vietnam collect information about studying abroad, I think the word of mouth is the most common among friends and relatives. We will introduce the current situation of students who believe that "it is easy to earn money in Japan", brokerage companies that want to send them to study abroad, schools that want to secure students due to the declining birthrate, and Japanese language schools.

Many international students at Japanese language schools think that even if they do not have funds to study abroad, they can easily earn money by working in Japan. In fact, the purpose is to repay debts and to send money to the family. This is because they are in debt because they do not have enough money to come to Japan. I borrow money thinking that I will be able to earn money if I go to Japan. When applying for a student visa, you will need a certificate of income with a deposit balance of at least 2 million yen and a certain level of Japanese language proficiency. However, it is difficult to satisfy these requirements unless you are wealthy, so ask a study abroad agency to bribe the person in charge of the bank or administrative agency and make up documents that can be applied for a visa. Therefore, if you decide to study in Japan, the cooperation of a study abroad agency is essential.

Normally, the Japanese government would not issue student visas to foreigners who rely on debt for study expenses. However, if we follow this principle, the reality is that the number of international students will not increase, so we are turning a blind eye. When converted into tuition fees and dormitory fees for the first year and fees to study abroad agencies, about 1.5 million yen will be expenses for studying abroad. Still, thinking about the future, I come to Japan with debts in the hope that I will be able to earn tuition and living expenses while working part-time in Japan.

The reality is different. What you get is a brokerage company and a Japanese language school. Even if they come to Japan with their dreams expanded, there are many students who cannot speak Japanese. This is because they start a life of learning while working to pay off debts and living expenses. As a result, I am tired during the day and cannot concentrate on my studies. In the days when I am busy with part-time work, it is difficult to improve my Japanese.

The current situation is that there are many part-time jobs in industries where there is a labor shortage that Japanese people do not want to work in, such as convenience stores with low wages and factories where work is hard. There are many sites that operate 24 hours a day, and they work from late at night to early in the morning, and there are few Japanese staff at the site. Because Japanese is also a bottleneck, there are many international students who choose cleaning and manual labor that can be done even if they can not read Japanese.

By law, part-time jobs for international students are limited to 28 hours per week. However, if you keep this, you will not be able to repay the debt. Part-time jobs that hire international students are subject to the police authorities, so we will comply with the upper limit. Therefore, international students work part-time. Even if illegal employment is discovered, only international students will be charged with crimes, so companies are also turning a blind eye. The reality is that international students work part-time jobs while they sleep to earn living expenses and tuition for the second year, and they do not have time to devote themselves to their studies, and it is difficult to even repay debts.

It seems that there are many international students who think that it is okay if they do part-time work without filing income through brokerage companies and acquaintances. However, since it is against the law, there is no part-time job that does not declare income.

I came to study in Japan with a dream, but there are many international students who return home with debt. If you want to find a job in Japan after graduation, you need to have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 2 (N2), but daily international students who are busy with part-time jobs and have difficulty learning Japanese will return to their home countries without passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 2. Although the number of schools and companies accepting foreign workers are increasing due to the declining birthrate and the number of students is decreasing, the current situation is that we have not been able to match well.

There are many international students who return to their home countries without repaying their debts, or who have no money to go on to higher education. So, the way out of this problem is to switch to a work visa. If you switch to a work visa, you can get paid every month. You don't have to pay tuition. If you don't want to pay the employment fee at the place where you go to school, you have no choice but to get a job.

I think there are many international students who think that they will not be able to find employment directly from Japanese schools. It is true that some Japanese language ability, educational background, and qualifications are required.

This page also explains in detail.

There are two main work visas. We will explain the requirements, advantages, and disadvantages of each.

1. Specific skills

This is a status of residence newly established due to the labor shortage of Japanese companies. Because of the status of residence where unskilled labor is allowed, the hurdle to apply is low. It is a perfect visa for those who want to save some money in Japan and return home.


1 Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level 4 (N4) or higher is required.

2 Pass the specific skill test

You need to pass the specific skill test in the field you want to enter. Also, if you look for a company and get a job offer, you can apply for a visa.

We will introduce the features

A major feature of specific skills is that they can perform a wide range of work including simple labor.

The jobs you can work in are as follows.

●Nursing care ●Building cleaning●Tooling and tooling industry●Industrial machinery manufacturing industry●Electrical, electronic, and information-related industries●Construction industry●Shipbuilding and marine industry●Automobile maintenance industry●Aviation industry●Lodging industry●Agriculture●Fishery●Food and beverage manufacturing industry●Restaurant industry

The upper limit of the period of stay is 5 years in total.

In principle, you can't bring your family to your doorstep.

2. Technical, Humanities, International Affairs

It is a status of residence that does not allow unskilled labor.

The requirements are university graduation or vocational school graduation or above.

In addition, it is necessary to have remuneration equal to or higher than that of Japanese people.

The main work is

Sales, Finance, Human Resources, General Affairs, Planning, Interpretation and Translation, Language Teachers, Designers, System Engineers, Programmers, Design, Production Technology, etc.

There are two major differences from specific skills.

One can apply for a family visa. The second is that there is no restriction on the extension of the period of stay. Therefore, there are some people who feel attractive to this visa and feel resistance to specific skills.

At last

 For those of you who are in Japan, the land of dreams of borrowing money in your country, I think there are many things that do not go as you wish. It is a good idea to gather the right information and decide on a course. In order to do that, I think I can get advice from school teachers and seniors who have lived in Japan for a long time and make the right decision. There are also many companies that can help you find a job in Japan. You can look for a job by relying on people around you and recruitment agencies without worrying about it by yourself. Good luck.