You can get 20,000 yen of Minor Points

(Individual Number) My Number is a number issued to all people who have a resident card in Japan. The My Number Card is an IC card that is issued upon the application of the person in question, can be used as a document proving the individual number, an official identification document for identity verification, and can receive various administrative services. identity


Date of birth



Expiration date of the electronic certificate

Security Code

Sign panel area (if there is a correction in the information on the ticket, write the new information (such as the new address when moving))

Organ donation intention expression column

and the individual number will be written on the back.

There is a campaign that we are doing to increase the number of issuers of My Number cards. My Pint Business.

With Minor Points, you can receive points worth up to 20,000 yen by applying using your My Number card. A cashless payment service (*) is required for application.

* QR code payment (○○Pay), electronic money (transportation IC card, etc.), credit card, etc.

Among them, paypay is recommended. This is because PayPay can be set up in English and is easy to use even for foreigners.

To get 20000 yen

1 Now

Let's get a My Number Card!

You can apply for the My Number Card by reading the QR code on the Individual Number Notification Card. If you do not have a notification card, you can apply by receiving an application form at a nearby ward office.

 If you have an application form, you can also apply by mail with a photo.

About one month after applying, you will receive a letter asking you to come and pick up your My Number card. If you take it with you to the ward office or city hall, you will receive a My Number card.

2 When the card comes, let's apply for Minor Points

7,500 yen if you apply for use as a health insurance card, 7,500 yen if you register a public money receipt account!


If it is a pay pay application, you can get 15,000 yen in a lump sum just by clicking on the minor point application place and proceeding. Here, we will show you how to proceed with Paypay.

What you'll need


My Number Card

PIN of My Number Card

Minor Point App

  You can download it below.

Paypay app

   You can download it from


If you prepare the above one, you can do the procedure from the place where it is enclosed in blue of the Paypay app.

3 If you charge paypay, you can get 5000 yen.

In order to receive the remaining 5000 yen, you need to charge 20000 yen paypay. Apply first and then charge. It will take one day after applying. You can easily charge at 7-Eleven ATMs. If you charge 20,000 yen, it will be 25,000 yen.

If you have any questions about the procedures, My Number Card or Minor Points, please contact the nearest ward office, city hall, or My Number General Dial.

     My Number Comprehensive Toll-Free Numbers